Aigul – the moon flower

Aigul is endemic flower. It blooms when the moon is full in the middle of spring. Aigul does not grow anywhere else but on the mountain Aigul-Tash located 20 kilometers southeast of Batken. Blossoming of Aigul takes on a special significance as it carries a sign of spring but also true love. The legend Aigul is a story of woman as the nature and care of the nature.


The moonchild

The girl was the moon’s favorite child. To her the nature was the home and spring was the major art. Her melody was the morning breeze and dance was the rhythm in the moonlight.

The girl was the moon’s only child. She rose with the morning dew. She rose with the nature’s wake on tree’s early blossom. The legend is the story of the first love. Aigul is the nature’s will to spread the boundless spring affection.


The legend is the story of commitment. The state of being whole and undivided. The state of will and dynamic way of being. The legend tells of her commitment to be the love and power of the love. Commitment to foster better care. Commitment to the focused efforts. Commitment to her excellence. The legend is a story of commitment to the ones we love and the ones we care.


Story is a мemory

Her age is a work of art. Her story is the silence and the eyes. The story is a walk and unforgotten memory. Her life is the deepness and the warmness in the eyes. The legend is her soul, which never outgrew from the play of the young and memory of the age.