About felt shoes and their advantages
Felt has an amazing capacity of thermal insulation and absorbing moisture. It provides the right and dry temperature for a person’s feet that is so necessary for a comfort of wearing slippers at home. High quality and durable felt served as the main fabric material for nomads and it stood the test of time through severe conditions of life. Based on our long-term experience in producing felt footwear, we bring the best qualities of natural felt – comfort, warmth and durability – into the shoes.
We use 100% natural semi-fine and semi-rough type of wool from locally raised sheep.

About production technology

In production of felt shoes we use two kinds of manufacturing technologies: sewing from felt sheets and solid rolling. The initial stage in both of the technologies is based on the same principle of traditional wet felting. However, they differ by the first case being cut out of felt sheets and then being assembled into shoes. In the second, wool is laid out and wet felted into a form of shoes without any stitching. The process of the second technology is more complicated and requires special skills and craftsmanship. Therefore, solid rolled slippers are usually higher in price.

About sizes
Sizes of the felt shoes comply with EU footwear standards. In order to find your size, please refer to the following table. The distance A to B corresponds to the length between the midpoint of heels and top point of thumb based on footprint of feet.
Recommendations for use and maintenance of felt items:
For cleaning felt products we recommend dry-cleaning with a brush. In special cases felt items can also be hand-washed by ensuring the following conditions: warm water no higher than 35 °С, using soap. Otherwise, the item may significantly decrease in size under the influence of hot water and high mechanical pressure. It is recommended to give a form to the item and dry in shade after washing.
About dyes
Our felt shoes meet all safety requirements. Dyes used in production are safe and harmless for health.