Today, more than ever, as our souls thirst for new life experiences, we must escape to a place where we are able to be passionate, creative and adventurous. It is in nature that we are able to give voice to the wildness within and live life to its fullest.
Come away with us and escape to the freedom of wildness in the savage beauty of felt and other precious natural materials, crafted into the timeless artifacts. Nowadays it is not only a luxury, but also a challenge to maintain your authentic vibrant personality. We call to celebrate the art of being yourself!
All we ever wanted is to be the best at what we do. We craved for encounters to gain new experiences and mastered new skills. We have opened for the endless horizons in order to live fully, half savage and hardy. Moreover, it allows staying alive yourself: when you live side by side with nature and believe in its unfailing grace, then nature will allow you to glimpse its treasures – just be curious enough to see.
We inherited wild intuition from our wise ancestors, who explored the meaning of life in harmony with the natural world. We strive to be the dignified descendants, replicating the ancient ornaments with respect. We seek the quality of life through the design, which is not only about aesthetics, but about functionality as well.
Explore the adventures of life with us. Immerse yourself in the wild beauty of Tumar’s colors and textures!